【PUBLIC BETA ENDS; EARLY ACCESS BEGINS】We would like to thank all the players and the community for their support and input during the public beta per...

Updated at: 2021-05-08 7:17 pm

We would like to thank all the players and the community for their support and input during the public beta period. The major game issues and game balance have been addressed with the help of players and the community.

Meanwhile, after all the effort, Valve has finally approved the release of HEAT REBORN on Steam in the form of "Early Access". The Steam-related community features will be officially activated after this update.

Therefore, we will be performing a migration to the official app id on Steam and all players will be required to reinstall HEAT REBORN after this update.
We have also added the “Migration Helper” tools in the update to help you transit everything from Beta to the “Early Access” version effortlessly and save the time needed to re-download and install the “early access” version completely.


– Introduce a brand new "Info Warfare" mode.

  • Description: Hack and steals important intelligence from enemy servers.
  • Objective: Capture the designated terminal(s) on the map
  • — When one side captures a stronghold, the death respawns of that team will be suspended and need to defend it from the enemy’s recapture.
  • — The team score will increase as the time the stronghold captured passes.
  • — The player on the other side needs to regain the stronghold control to prevent the enemy from increasing the team score.
  • Time Limit: 20 minutes
  • Score Limit: 1000 pts.
  • Max. Players: 16 vs 16

  • The brand new "G1A1", “HG53”, “UNP”, “NP7” sub-machine gun remake model is now available.
  • The brand new "Ulti MK2", “Amell” light-machine gun remake model is now available.
  • The brand new "Dragonov" sniper rifle remake model is now available.
  • The brand new "BN M4", “BN NOVA” shotgun remake model is now available.
  • Adjusted the "M4 TRS" rifle mechanical sighting model.
  • Added “Info Warfare” to the daily mission.
  • Third-floor expansion to the “Air Terminal” map has completed and will available and accessible in all game modes outside of “Mission” and “Competitive”.

  • Fixed the problem with the number of first-aid packs in the map "Snow Valley".
  • Fixed the issue with arm models found in some player characters.

  • Adjusted the map "Taiwan Museum" so that some of the wooden planks should not be penetrated by bullets.
  • Adjusted the map "Angkor Wat 1" and "Angkor Wat 2" so that some of the walls are not penetrated by bullets.
  • Adjusted the reward from killing A.I. players. When the player’s rank is "Lieutenant" or below, the experience and money received for killing A.I. will be increased significantly. In contrast, when the player’s rank is "General" or above, the experience and money gained by killing A.I. will decrease significantly.
  • Increased the experience and money multipliers for "Team Deathmatch", "Free-For-All" and "Gun Game".
  • Increased the amount of money required to change the character names.
  • Changed the way the respawn point swap message is displayed in the Team Deathmatch.
  • Reduced the time needed to engage idle-kicking.


Online Leaderboard – now you may check the latest player ranking data on our official website.

After this update, the "Migration Helper" tool will appear when you open the "HEAT REBORN BETA" game.
The program will help you to transfer the game settings from the public beta version to the early access version, you just need to click "Upgrade Now" and wait for the progress bar to finish.

(Please do not interrupt or force close the program while it is running, otherwise, there is a chance that some game files will be corrupted)

What is "Migration Helper"? What is the purpose?

"Migration Helper" will transfer the game settings (e.g. mouse sensitivity, screen settings, button bindings, etc.) and game files from the public beta version of HEAT REBORN BETA to our latest Early Access version.

The migration helper will only copy your existing “HEAT REBORN BETA” game files and game settings. This saves you time and does not require you to spend time re-downloading the full game while preserving the settings of your public test game.

Why do I need to transfer? What are the benefits?

As we have now ended the public beta, our “HEAT REBORN BETA” AppID, which was used for beta purposes on Steam will be deactivated.

The AppID used in the public beta has some limitations, so after the AppID is transferred, game publishers and players will have access to the full Steam platform and game-related community features, which will help our overall development.

What is the Early Access version?

Get immediate access to a game that allows the community to participate in the development process. The game developers will take your feedback and update the game content while developing. For more information, please refer to the following website:
Steam: What is Early Access Game?

Will my game account data be affected if I don’t use the "Migration Helpers"?

If you choose not to use "Migration Helper", it will not affect your game data, including character rank, weapon settings, character data, and money.

Except you need extra time to download the complete game file and reset the game settings (e.g. screen settings, mouse sensitivity, key binding, etc. will be reset to default values).

Why can I no longer open the game with HEAT REBORN BETA?

The "HEAT REBORN BETA" in the Steam game library will now be deactivated and you must use "HEAT REBORN" to open the game